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As a college student you should take vital steps to set your career on the right track. I have myself been a college student. So I can understand the psyche of students. They keep on getting the same advice. They are told more often about the importance and punctuality to be followed in work life as well as the gains one gets by participating in extracurricular activities. Apart from these conventional advices, there are still other things which college students need to know. I have summarized the best advice for the students below.

If you have any particular interest in a specific subject, either it be mathematics, biology or accounting, you should find it and choose it as your elective subject. But only focusing on your favorites is not the right way, there are some subjects which are also taught beside the main subject, so you should focus on these as well.

Making the proper time table will definitely benefit you in your entire life. Work on things that are the most productive. Never linger on and waste your time. Time is money. It is almost everything; you need to succeed in your life.

Apart from time management, focus on your studies and maintain a respectable GPA. High grades always help you to apply for the best opportunities ahead.

I know, college life is the adult stage of your life. Here you are free to make personal decisions. But don’t spend your college life just maintaining your relationships. Think on the part of your career development as well. A friend of mine studied to become an arborist and now owns a tree care service out in Plano Texas. As you can see, focus on what you want to accomplish and study towards achieving the skill set you need!

Develop your communication and interpersonal skills as well. These skills serve as the main and the most prominent basis for getting any job in future. Specifically, being a business graduate you must hone these skills.

Do not be just proud of your college and boast about the already held reputation of your college. Focus on your individual achievements and find ways to be further successful in your future life.

Experience matters a lot, so let your experience speak the most about you. Build your career profile and start getting into socialization. It is because people give you the most important of all experiences. Also seek training and advice from professionals of your field. Listen to them and try to follow them the most.

By following all these career advices, you can surely excel in your jobs and find success ahead in each and every stage of your life.

This advice is  actually the result of my personal observation and experience. I am a Business Graduate and know that following these rules, we can surely achieve success. Last but not the least, I want to state that always work hard and let your passion drive what you want to do!

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Based on my personal experience of being a college graduate, the best advice which I can give to the college students is to stay focused. Choose what you want to do and then stick to that path in achieving what you aim for. Set all your long and short term goals. Goals set should also be coupled with your personal efforts to achieve them. Planning is a major part for choosing what you want to do, what to study and which experiences to gain. But it is the hard work and dedication that pays off at the end. I have myself done Bachelors in Business Administration. I am telling you all these things because I have recently passed this phase of life. What most college students lack today are the two things, which include attention and devotion. Firstly, you should decide what you want to become in your life. Then seek admission in the best possible college that can make your career goals come true. Entering the right college means that you have achieved a great mile stone in your life. But it does not mean that you have got all what you want. After getting admission, you need to work hard, toil day and night to achieve the best results in the form of either grades or experiences and trainings you gain to outperform others. Do as much internship you can do during your college years, this increases both your experience and exposure and help you witness the real world scenarios. Check out this article to get more insight!

Although there are huge obstacles in the way of seeking the experiences, but there are many opportunities as well, waiting for you, which you should not surely miss. The students should keep the following 10 things in mind to attain career excellence:

  1. Focus on getting the right experiences from the best organizations. This will train you and eventually diversify your skills.
  2. Do not stick to a job, solely because it helps you with paying all your bills. Keep the passion burning inside you and do the work that keeps your passion alive. This helps you reach your goals.
  3. Create an impact by offering the best services, be the master of each and every skill.
  4. Do not be a risk adverse sort of a person. It is truly said higher the risk, higher is the return.
  5. Keep socializing by spending a lot more time with people as compared to computers. Contacts are very important. They can surely help you to excel in your career.
  6. Sacrifice the present fun and enjoyment to seek a better future ahead. Don’t waste your time just lingering around.
  7. Start your own website so that you are able to centralize your personal work profile.
  8. Travel the most, to gain the best experiences to start your career. The world today has turned to a global village. Organizations are now working as multinationals. So experience from around the world creates a positive impact on your work profile.
  9. Measure all the outcomes of your tasks. Evaluate them and build specific case studies to solve these outcomes.
  10. Find mentors who are living the lives, you actually want to follow.


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What’s up my peeps! I hope each and every one of you guys is having a fantastic day. Welcome to my new blog about an ex college student and their experiences through life as an adult! Yes, it is a little scary after college but believe me, it’s a blast! Come join me, as I share my thoughts and what I have learned about this crazy life so far! Peace and may God be with you.